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This logo on our Home Page indicates that this site has been selected by the Institute for Scientific Information ® for inclusion in Current Web Contents™, which is a new section of Current Contents Connect™ (CC Connect™).

ISI ® editors, following careful evaluation criteria, have identified this site as a resource for researchers, scientists, and scholars. These users will have direct access to it from Current Contents Connect.

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The site is hosted by Magic Moments, which is part of the Host Europe group.

Host Europe PLC is listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE:HER)

The virtual server is hosted on a Dual Pentium Processor Server with 1 GB of RAM and multiple 36GB fast SCSI hard disk. It is located in a high security data centre and is backed up by high power uninterruptible power supplies.

For more information about Magic Moments, visit their website www.magic-moments.com

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Discussion groups on the site are moderated WWW discussion boards based on the Discus program.