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Rule 28 provides that the Society in general meeting may make, vary and revoke bye-laws for the regulation of the business of the Society. The main purpose of bye-laws is to describe the various routines and guidelines involved in running the Society. However, this is a recent innovation, and drafting of the Bye-Laws is a slow process.


[Made at the Annual General Meeting held on 29 July 2002.]

1. (1) Associates of the Society may be elected in accordance with rule 6 (3).

(2) Associates will be entitled to all the rights, privileges and benefits of membership, excepting always the right to vote at meetings of members of the Society.

(3) Associates of the Society are not thereby entitled to use any initials after their names.

(4) The annual rate of subscription by Associates shall be the same as that payable by Members of the Society, except that the Council may reduce the rate of subscription for Associates who are bona fide students of such courses at educational institutions as it thinks fit.

(5) Any existing Associate who becomes eligible for Membership or Fellowship shall forthwith notify the Secretary of that fact.



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