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Benefits of Membership

  • Free attendance at monthly meetings. Members have been able to attend lectures given many great names including five Nobel Laureates and twelve Fellows of the Royal Society.
  • Reduced fees for attending the annual conference.
  • The use of designatory letters MCybS and FCybS.
  • Meeting and conversation with people of similar interests.
  • Networking and Information sharing.
  • Reduced subscriptions to the journal Systems Research and Behavioural Science.
  • Monthly social meetings at a restaurant and/or a pub.
  • Contributing to the web archive of Cybernetics people and thinking.

The Cybernetics Society is one of the few organisations where people can meet to discuss a wide range of interdisciplinary subjects ranging from Artificial Intelligence, the Internet, the sciences, engineering, design, system organisation, consciousness, architecture, medical topics.

Past speakers include

  • Prof. Igor Aleksander FREng
  • Prof. Thomas Allibone CBE FRS
  • Prof. Stafford Beer
  • Prof. David Bohm FRS
  • Prof. Margaret Bowden FBA
  • Prof. B.B. Boycott FRS
  • Prof. Sir Michael Brady FRS FREng
  • Prof. John Coales FRS
  • Prof. David Deutsch
  • Prof. Sir John Eccles FRS, Nobel Laureate
  • Prof. Peter Fellgett FRS
  • Prof. Dennis Gabor CBE FRS Nobel Laureate
  • Prof. Frank George

  • Prof. Francis de P. Hanika
  • Prof. Brian Josephson FRS Nobel Laureate
  • Prof. James Lovelock FRS
  • Prof. John Musgrove
  • Prof. P.K. M'Pherson
  • Prof. Gordon Pask FBCS
  • Prof. Sir Roger Penrose FRS
  • Rev. John Polkinghorn FRS
  • Prof. Abdus Salam FRS Nobel Laureate
  • Prof. John Taylor
  • Prof. Meredith Thring FREng
  • Prof. Gerard de Zeeuw

On such topics as Artificial Intelligence, Computer Architecture, Physics, Global Climate Change, Knowledge Based Action Systems, Robotics, Systems Modelling and Simulation, Perception, Communication and Control in the Brain, Mapping Mental States, Quantum Machines, Computer Analysis of Legal Texts, Pharmokinetics, Information Technology, Natural and Artificial Languages and Pattern Recognition.

The Cybernetics Society is a member society of the International Federation of Systems Research (IFSR) and is affiliated to the World Organisation of Systems and Cybernetics (WOSC). The Cybernetics Society is listed in the Encyclopedia of Associations: International Organizations published by Thomson Gale. The Society has links with

Many members of the Society are also members of the IEE, BCS, IEEE, and the AISB. Further information on all these organisations can be found via our links section.

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