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David Dewhurst (Secretary)

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Dave Dewhurst MSc, PhD (Brunel), Sometime Student Union President, Management Trainee, Management Consultant, Headteacher, University Lecturer, Member of Brunel University Council, Registered Inspector for Ofsted and Tesco’s floor cleaner.

Publications etc:

"How Hayek helped us find Capitalism's flaws" Dewhurst, Dombi and Colvin, Financial Times, January 26, 2012 P15

"How Occupy Seeks Answers" Tax Justice Network, Newsletter Vol 7, No 1 Second Quarter 2012

"Paradoxes of optimisation in public service management" Kybernetes 2006 vol 35 no.1/2 pp25-29

"Control" Ealing Science Newsletter Autumn 1988

Trees, Dominoes, Communication Primary Science Review 11, Autumn 1989 pp1-2

The Status of Requisite Variety Kybernetes vol 20 no.2 1991 pp61-64 ISSN 0368-6692X

Breeding Bullies 1-3-5 Club Magazine May 1993 pp27-28

Parameters for Conviviality and Effectiveness in the Functioning of Interactive Interfaces between Collective Support Systems and their Users pp71-74 in "Interactive Interfaces and Human Networks" Ranulph Glanville & Gerard de Zeeuw (eds.) Univ. Amsterdam 1993 ISBN 90-5170-199-3

Rapid Diagnostic Spelling System – with Action Guidelines Ealing Education and Leisure Services SENSS 1996

Technical consultant for Let’s Discuss Dyslexia and Related Learning Difficulties by P Sanders & S Myers Aladdin/Watts Books Jan 1996

Monopoly, the Vivarium and Game Theory a paper for the 2003 Cyb Soc Conference is on this web site.

Poems in very small magazines

MSc Dissertation Title Systems Thinking for Children Brunel University 1982

PhD Title Conceptual and Cognitive Problems in Cybernetics Brunel University 1992

Two embarrassing and misleading biographies already exist on the web and this is sufficient.

David Dewhurst