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Guidance for Speakers


This page last updated 28 July 2018


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Guidance notes for speakers

The format for monthly meeting/evening talks is normally that the presenter speaks for 45 minutes to one hour with 5 to 15 minutes for questions, i.e. the total time per talk is normally 60 minutes. Other times can be agreed at the speaker's request provided sufficient notice is given by the speaker to enable adjustments to be incorporated in the published programme. Questions are guided by the chair.

The format for annual conferences is generally that we have registration at 9:30 am, two talks as above from 10 am, followed by a break followed by two more talks before lunch with the same format in the afternoon. At lunchtime speakers and audience members usually split into groups and go to one of the many cafes and restaurants nearby. At the end of the day, if time permits and there is a demand we may organise a short open Q &A session with the speakers, again guided by the chair.

Prior to the event speakers are requested to provide the title of their talk with abstracts of around 200 words, biographies of around 100 words and a passport style photograph of around 4cm x 3cm. Speakers usually bring their presentation on their laptops and we provide a data projector and screen. The society can provide a laptop if requested in advance.

Speakers and audience members are invited to continue informal discussion in a nearby restaurant after the event.

We invite speakers to provide a copy of their slides and we aim to provide an audio and/or video recording of each talk for publication on our website

Internet connectivity is not guaranteed so we advise speakers to have their presentations available on their laptop and/or USB memory stick.

We do not charge audience members or speakers to attend talks. Speakers are welcome to invite colleagues, friends or family.