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21 January. Wine and Cheese Party.
"What is Cybernetics and What Can It Do for Us?" Dr Ranulph Glanville FCybS.

18 February. "Are Robots Capable of Intelligent Behaviour?" J. McKinnon-Wood.

18 March. "Three Signs of Being." D. Strutt.

29 April. THE DENIS GABOR MEMORIAL LECTURE. "A Statistical Theory of Freedom." Dr Andre Gabor.

20 May. "On Recent Brain Research." Mr C.H. Moore and Dr Brennig James.

22 May. "Quantum Theory; the Church-Turing Principle and Universal Quantum Computation." Dr David Deutsch.

17 June. Language and Cybernetics Seminar.
Introduction. Mr B.R. Cox
"On what we don't say." Dr A. Ramsay
"From Text to Speech." Dr D. Sinclair
"Understanding and Remembering Synthetic Speech." Dr J. MacDonald
"Language for Intelligent Artefacts." Mr B. Cox


25-29 August. ELEVENTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CYBERNETICS, Namur, Belgium. A delegation of members was organised by Dr Fatmi.

20 September. ANNUAL CONFERENCE. "Mind, Brain and Machines."

15 October. "The Advent of the Intelligent Robot." Professor M. Brady, University of Oxford.

25 November. "From Morphogenesis to Metamotivation." Dr M.J. Apter, University of Cardiff.

9 December. "A Cybernetic Approach to the Introduction of Information Technology in Commercial Organisations." Mr C.D. Harris, KMG Thomson McLintock, London.

10th December. "Boltzmann Machines for Speech Pattern Recognition." Dr J.R. Bridle, RSRE Malvern.

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