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27 February. "A Vicious Circle of Problems and a Virtuous Circle of Solutions in the World Today." Alan J. Mayne, Author.

26 March. "Ergonomics and Cybernetics." Professor J. B. Long, Professor of Cognitive Ergonomics, University College, London.

30 April. "Ageing: a Strategy for Management." Dr Peter R. Wilson MRCP, Consultant in Geriatrics.

28 May. CHAIRMAN'S ADDRESS: "The Cybernetics of Drug Delivery." Dr Brian Warburton FCybS, Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutics, The School of Pharmacy, University of London.

25 June. "Neuro-Consciousness: Does it Exist?" Professor Igor Aleksander FCybS, Head of Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Imperial College, University of London, and a past Chairman of the Cybernetics Society.




Information needed about any other meetings in this year, please.

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