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28 January. "Risk Analysis and Perception in Relation to Machine Intelligence." Alan Mayne, Author and Consultant.

25 February. "Human Imagination and Object Oriented Programming -OOPs !!!!" Dr Brian Warburton, Chairman of The Cybernetics Society.

25 March. "Artificial Stupidity." Dr Richard Mitchell, Head of Cybernetics Department, University of Reading. Illustrated by a demonstration of small mobile robots.

29 April. "Building Better Sand Castles - Modelling Adaptive Processes." Mr Tony Booth, Secretary of The Cybernetics Society.

24 June. "Cybernetics, Chaos and the Stock Market." Mrs Bernice Cohen, Author.


28 October. "Meus Amanuensis or Recent Developments in the Real Time Recognition of Human Speech." Brian Warburton, Chairman of The Cybernetics Society.

25 November. "Animatronics and Cybernetics." Barbara Griffiths, Retired Producer - Animatronics.

16 December "Writing for Diverse Media." Philip Lawrence, Freelance Screenwriter.

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