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CybCon '74

INAUGURAL CONFERENCE: "Recent Topics in Cybernetics".
Held at The School of Pharmacy, University of London, on 20 September 1974.

9.45-10.45. Papers relating to Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences.
Chairman: Professor A.H. Beckett, PhD, DSc, FPS, Head of Pharmacy Department, Chelsea College, London University.

11.00-12.30. Papers relating to Social and Human sciences.
Chairman: Dr G.B.F. Niblett, Department of Law and Computing, University of Kent.

2.00-3.00. Papers relating to Physical Sciences.
Chairman: Professor J.F. Coales, OBE, FRS, Professor of Control Science, University of Cambridge.

3.15-4.45. Papers relating to Engineering Sciences.
Chairman: Professor P.B. Fellgett, Head of Cybernetics Department, University of Reading.

4.45-5.45. Papers relating to Cybernetic Applications.
Chairman: Professor M.W. Thring, Sc.D, FIEE, FIMechE, Head of Mechanical Engineering Department,Queen Mary College, University of London.

5.45. Concluding Remarks: Professor D. Gabor, CBE, DSc. FRS,
Imperial College, University of London.

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