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CybCon '78

Held at Brunel University on 29 September 1978.

10.00-10.30. Opening Address: Professor F.H. George, Department of Cybernetics, Brunel University.

10.30-11.10. Human Factors in Automatic Speech Recognition. T.R. Addis, I.C.L. Ltd, research and Advanced Developement Centre.

11.30-12.10. The Need forTeaching Machines in Secondary education. H.L. Holloway.

12.10-1.00. A Cybernetics of Seeing. D. Hayes.

2.00-2.30. Array Processing and Pattern recognition Work at Brunel. Professor I. Aleksander, Department of Electrical Engineering, Brunel University.

2.30-3.00. Array Processing. M. Wilson, department of Electrical Engineering, Brunel University.

3.20-3.50. Pattern Recognition. T.J. Stonham, Department of Electrical Engineering, Brunel University.

3.50-4.30. The Systems Paradigm and its Community. W. Mayon-White, Systems Group, Open University.

4.50-5.30. Cybernetics and Philosophy. T. Bristol, London University.

5.30-6.00. Closing Address: Professor A.G.S. Pask, Chairman of the Cybernetics Society.

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