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CybCon '86

12th ANNUAL CONFERENCE: "Mind, Brains and Cybernetic Machines."
Held at Birkbeck College, University of London, on 20 September 1986.

Chairman: Dr H. Fatmi

11.15 "New Paradigms."
Dr A. J. Mayne,
University of Oxford.

11.45 "Cybernetics and Conversation Theory."
Professor Gordon Pask DSc,
Past Chairman of The Cybernetics Society.

12.30 "Consciousness and Cybernetics."
Dr B. Warburton,
University of London.

Chairman: Dr B. Warburton.

2.30 "The Memory Channel Machine."
Dr A.V. Reader,
University of Manchester.

3.00 "New Avenues in Intelligent Systems."
Dr H. Fatmi,
Chairman of the Cybernetics Society, and King's College, London.

3.30-4.0 Concluding Remarks
Professor M.F.H. Roe,
Secretary, The Cybernetics Society.

4.15 "Post Turing Functionality."
Dr P. Marcer,
Chairman BCS/Cybernetics Society Cybernetic Machine Group

5.15 CYBERNETICS MACHINE GROUP WORKSHOP Members discussed special questions on cybernetic machines as defined by the Quantum Theory of Computation.

7.00 Vote of Thanks. Dr B. Warburton.

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