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CybCon '92

ANNUAL CONFERENCE: "Time, Consciousness, and Information".
Held at King's College, University of London, on 19 September 1992.


10.30-11.15 "Features of Consciousness: A General Overview." P. Maddock.

11.15-12.00 "The What, Why, and How of Conscious Thought." I. Russell and H. Fatmi.

12.00-12.45 "Information Bandwidth needed for Genetic Adaptation."
A.G. Booth.


14.30-15.15 "Advancing into the Past - From Penrose to Plato." G. Woyka.

15.15-16.00 "The Double Edged Sword of Physical Ageing." B. Warburton.

16.00-16.45 "A Database to aid Strategic Planning." H.W. Young.

17.15-17.45 Closing Address and Vote of Thanks.

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