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CybCon '95

Held at The School of Pharmacy, University of London, on 23 September 1995.

Chairman: Mr A.F. Deen, King's College, University of London

10:00 Chairman of the Society: "Whither Cybernetics?"
Dr B. Warburton,
The School of Pharmacy, University of London

10.05-1.00 Memorial Symposium for Dr Haneef Fatmi

In honour of the late Dr Haneef Akhtar Fatmi, founder of the Cybernetics Society in the United Kingdom, Chairman 1968-76 and 1984-95, and Head of Cybernetics Research at King's College, London (1968-95). Organised by Dr A.B. Kieres and presented by Dr Fatmi's students and associates.

10.05 "Information in Machines, Intelligence and Evolution." A. Pepper, Technical Director, General DataComm Advanced Research Centre, Basildon

10.20 "A Cybernetic Model of Human Learning in the Sensori-motor Period of Development." P.R. Burrel, South Bank University, London

10.45 "Adaptive Text Compression." H.U. Khan, King's College, University of London

11.30 "A Radar Sensor for Robot 3D Vision." M.C.B. Smith, University of East London.

11.55 "Pattern Recognition in Animal and Machine: a Cybernetic Investigation." Dr W.R. Tuck, University College London.

12.20 "A Cybernetic Approach to World Government." P.T. Hardwick, King's College, University of London.

12.45 Discussion and Close.

Chairman: Mr A.G. Booth.

14.00-17.30 SYMPOSIUM: "The Fundamentals of Cybernetics".
Organised by Dr D.J. Stewart.

14.00 "Some Biological Aspects of Cybernetics." Mr C.H. Moore.

14.45 "Problems in the Formulation, Comprehension, and Application of Cybernetic Concepts." Dr D.W. Dewhurst.

16.00 "The Metaphysics of the Physical World." Dr J. Wilk.

16.45 "Concepts of Mechanism for Purpose and Directiveness."
Dr D.J. Stewart.          


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