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CybCon '98

ANNUAL CONFERENCE: A reprise of some papers given at the
15th International Congress of Cybernetics in Namur, Belgium.

Held at King's College, University of London, on 26 September 1998.

Chairman: Harry Moore.

10.30 "Cybernetics: the Mind and Memory with Ageing." Dr P.R. Wilson, formerly Consultant in Geriatrics at Severills Hospital, Colchester, Essex.

11.15 Discussion

11.30 "The Implications for Cybernetics of the Discontinuity between Information and Imparity."   Abstract   and "What is Gained by Adding a Third Ontological Domain to those of Energy and Information?"   Abstract
Dr D.J. Stewart, formerly Senior Lecturer in Cybernetics, Brunel University, UK.

12.15 Discussion.

Chairman: Dr B. Warburton.

2.00 pm "The Ternary Structure of the Economy." Professor Lars Christian Smith.

2.45 pm Discussion.

3.00 "Prospects for Machine Consciousness."
Mr Martin Smith,
Head of Robotics, University of East London.

3.45 Discussion.

4.30 "Problems Encountered in Consciousness Studies."
Mr Peter Hardwick,
King's College, London.

5.15-5.45 General Discussion of All Presentations.
Chairman: Dr D.J. Stewart.

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