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Objet : Call for Papers CCSQM'2007



Lipetsk State Technical University

Voronez State Technical University

Voronez State Architectural University

Stary Oskol Technological Institute

Institute of Control Sciences

Complex Control Systems and

Quality Management


Stary Oskol, 12 – 14 March


Complex Control Systems and Quality Management CCSQM’2007

The Conference is organized by a group of technical universities of Central Russia.

It will take place at Stary Oskol’s branch of Moscow Steel and Alloys Institute (Stary Oskol city, Belgorod region, Russian Federation). Stary Oskol is a metallurgical city placed about 600 km to the south of Moscow.

Department of automation and industrial electronics of the institute is one of the organizers. It was founded 15 years ago.

Scope of Conference

· Systems Theory

·        System Identification

·        Control Theory

·        Systems and Control Engineering

·        Operation and Manufacturing Systems

·        Quality Management

·        Industrial Control Systems

·        Uncertain Systems

·        Fuzzy Systems and Models

·        Decision Support Systems

·        Knowledge Engineering and Intelligent Systems

·        Information Systems

·        Technical and Business Applications

·        Logistics and Scheduling

·        Modelling and Simulation

·        Software Engineering

Call for Papers

Authors wishing to contribute to the Conference should write papers in English. The abstracts should contain about 600 words and include target setting and distinguishing features of solving it.

Programme Committee

· Prof. Kuznetsov L. A. (Russian Federation)

·        Prof. Barklov S. A. (Russian Federation)

·        Prof. Bartoszewicz Andrzej (Poland)

·        Prof. Burkov V. N. (Russian Federation)

·        Prof. Burnham Keith J (England)

·        Dr. Dreżewski Rafał (Poland)

·        Prof. Eremenko Ju. I. (Russian Federation)

·        Prof. Ganti Prasada Rao (UAE)

·        Prof. Grzech Adam (Poland)

·        Dr. Haas Olivier (England)

·        Prof. Józefczyk Jerzy (Poland)

·        Prof. Kiseleva T. V. (Russian Federation)

·        Prof. Lazar Corneliu (Romania)

·        Prof. Mewerjakov V. N. (Russian Federation)

·        Prof. Novikov D. A. (Russian Federation)

·        Prof. Podval'nyj S. L. (Russian Federation)

·        Prof. Serbulov Ju. S. (Russian Federation)

·        Prof. Srinivas M. B. (India)

·        Prof. Vallée Robert (France)

Organising Committee

· Prof. Barklov S. A.

· Prof. Eremenko Ju. I.

· Prof. Kraht V. B.

· Ph. D. Nazarkin O. A.

· Mr. Kapnin A. V.


Abstracts - 10 January 2007.

Papers - 25 January 2007.

Camera-ready papers - 15 February 2007.

Notice about acceptance of papers will be sent until 20 January 2007.

Preliminary Arrangements

The conference fee is estimated at 300 EUR (for students – 200 EUR).The conference fee should be transferred to settlement account: 40702978900040000298 to “Старооскольский ФОАО "Белгородпромстройбанк" г. Старый Оскол”.

Bank requisites:

Кор. счет: 30101810700000000724

ИНН: 3128033245; КПП: 312801001

БИК: 041424724

Address: 309530, Белгородская область, г. Старый Оскол, м-н Макаренко,40 (Belgorod region, Stary Oskol city, Makarenko 40)

Tel.: (4725) 32-25-29; Fax.: (4725) 42-35-29


Please note payer transferring the fee.

Full fee includes a copy of the conference proceedings and coffee break. Participants will have the option being accommodated in the hotels, but the conference fee is exclusive of accommodation charges.

The working language of the conference is English.

Better papers will be recommended for publication in top-level research magazines.

You can arrive in Stary Oskol from Moscow with trains:

·        Num. 57 Moscow (Kurskij station) – Stary Oskol (departure 19.15, arrival 07.38)

·        Num. 11 Moscow (Paveleckij station) - Lugansk (even days, departure 22.30, arrival 10.00)

·        Num. 337 Moscow (Paveleckij station) - Doneck (departure 20.29, arrival 09.45)

You will be met in Stary Oskol.

Other information we will send later.

All papers, abstracts and questions in the format of Microsoft Word program should be sent to prof. Kuznetsov L. A. by e-mail Big files may be sent in zip or rar archives.

The City of Stary Oskol and its surroundings

Stary Oskol was found in 1593 and now it is famous both a powerful developed industrial center and cultural Russian’s province. The city is prominent by its factories such as Oskol electrometallurgical plant, Stoylenskiy Lebedinskiy ore mining and processing enterprises, confectionery “Slavyanka”. The largest in Europe open-cast ore mines are placed not far from Stary Oskol. Their depth reaches 700 m.

Stary Oskol is a city of Orthodoxy and Slavic culture. There are 15 churches of our time in the city.

Not far from Stary Oskol was organised a national historical open-air museum “Prohorovskoe pole”, which includes some memorials and places of historic battle near Kursk (World War II, 1943).

Stary Oskol is the birthplace of the famous Russian blind writer V. Ja. Eroshenko and talented violinist M. G. Jerdenko, poetesses Lira Abdulina and Galina Werbinina.

Different Russian festivals are traditionally held in Oskol such as cinema festival “Fact”, presented films about Russian history, and theatre festival “Gold mask”.

The prominent painter I. N. Hegaj also was born in Stary Oskol. Now he is a member of the Russian Artist Society. His canvases can be seen in state Russian museums and in different private collections in USA, Germany, Finland, Taiwan and many other countries.

Several modern stadiums, a palace of sport, bowling club and golf club were constructed lately in the city. 5 champions of the world cups, 9 champions of the Europe and 70 champions of the Russian Federation in different kinds of sport were brought up in Stary Oskol recently.

There are 5 institutes and universities, 2 technical schools and 2 college which provide young people with high-standard education.


You will have an opportunity to get acquainted with non blast furnace technology of steel production on high-automated Oskol electrometallurgical plant, with technology of ore digging and you also will have an opportunity to see the open-cast ore mines.

An excursion to “Prohorovskoe pole” will be organized to your delight.

Besides you can enjoy special medical treatments in the resort house “Ulibka”